Does DXO Optics turn Sony's average kit and cheap zooms into superb performers on par with Zeiss?

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Yes and No

It depends on camera, lens, raw converter and the initial quality of capture data.

You can download a trial of every raw converter and run the same photo through each and compare. This is what I would do first in your shoes.

I think a lot of this comes down to personal taste. With a little bit of work you can come very close to duplicating the look from any raw converter with another, but this is more time spent in post.

Outside of sony files, my preference usually goes from C1, DXO, Aperture, then LR. That said, I use LR more than any other converter and am happy with the process, the result and the catalog system. It flows seamlessly to PS which plays a large part in my post processing.

Capture 1 can be a bear at times. They are slow to add new systems, support is nonexistent, it's expensive and worst of all the library system is painfully first generation.

DXO now works in conjunction with LR (awesome).

People say great things about photo ninja and irrident developer but I have no experience with them.

To your example, if you shoot your 16-50 at 32mm @f5.6 you aren't going to see a massive difference then if shooting the touit at the same settings. It's certainly possible that one raw converter will be different enough from another to make the zoom file more pleasing than the zeiss.

Of course this example uses the zoom in it's most flattering range, but this might be the range you use most, who knows?

Re: lens correction-dxo and LR just nail it. C1 hasn't seemed as accurate ime.

The stock answer has been to just buy the best lens you can and shoot the hell out of it. But digital has altered that a bit imho.  No every image benefits from the best equipment but good pp will always improve an image. Just my 02

40daystogo wrote:

From DXO's marketing literature, it claims that DXO Optics software can compensate even for corner softness, and other lens aberrations. Now, on these forums, the Sony A6000's 16-50 kit lens, and the reasonably priced 55-210 zoom get a lot of criticism. So my question is, when DXO's software tools work their magic on the RAW files from these so-so lenses, what level does it bring it up to? To the level of the Zeiss lenses? What I'm asking is, how much of a boost can be achieved by software alone, rather than spending massive bucks on expensive Zeiss lenses.

I'm asking because, in the light of Aperture's demise, I'm choosing between DXO Optics software and Phase One's Capture One software. I'm drawn to C1's selective tools, but C1 does not presently support the A6000 and presumably some of its lenses. And even when it does, I haven't heard how C1's and DXO's correction tools compare.

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