Does DXO Optics turn Sony's average kit and cheap zooms into superb performers on par with Zeiss?

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Becksvart wrote:

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

In no way does this conclusion diminish the value of DxO or other such tools, and most of us who use them find them indespensible for making genuine improvements in the final result. I personally use two sharpening programs as plug-ins which are specific sharpening tools which I very much prefer, Focus Magic and Topaz Labs InFocus, two deconvolution tools which can make strikingly good improvements. I use them in addition to DxO if sharpening is required.


Sorry for the slight detour here but I was a little confused by this paragraph. I read it as "I use these two applications as plugins for DXO if I need more sharpening" which I don't think is the case as neither can be used as a plugin for DXO:

So do you use them as a plugin for some other application?

My exact words were that I use them in addition to DxO. I did NOT say that I use them as DxO plugins.

Please re-read my prior post.

If you are asking which program I use these plugins with, I am using Corel PSP, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and the Topaz photoFXLab, to name 3.


Your exact words were "use two sharpening programs as plug-ins" "I use them in addition to DxO if sharpening is required", but if you are so certain that is not vaguely ambiguous(why mention that they're plugins?) that you have to resort to textual shouting then further discussion is without merit.

Thanks for detailing the programs you use at any rate.

I mentioned they were plugins to convey the fact that they were not designed to be standalone applications but instead relied on another app to be used. Those of us using DxO are aware that it does not support such an arrangement. I was not sure a new member to this forum like the original poster (or like you) were aware of this distinction so my intention was to add a bit of clarity. The 2nd reply was added when it became apparent that my prior description had apparently left an ambiguity. No intention to "shout"; merely a single word capitalized for emphasis. I did not "resort to textual shouting rather than further discussion" and indeed will gladly engage in furthur discussion.

Welcome to both you and the OP to this forum!


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