Need to get a second camera -810 questions

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Need to get a second camera -810 questions

I have been photographer for more years than I will ever admit.  I have been using the Nikon D300 since it first came out and I still like it but it is not effective in low light as I compare my friends 610 and similar era cameras. There is actually a huge low light difference in quality.

I shoot landscape, portraits (studio & outdoors) and street photography. The D300 has done well enough that I have retired my film cameras (35mm & med format).

I am thinking about the new D810 but I don't live in a city that has one available to look at and handle. The D810 is just a bit bigger and heavier than my D300 so I don't think it should hold me back, especially if I get the cotton carrier.

My greatest concern is the issue with the shutter. I have read quite a bit about the vibrations/mirror lock causing slight blur at lower speeds. I think, if I understand this correctly this may be due in part to the weight, the shutter and made more noticeable because of the high resolution. If I am off please let me know.

I need most help in understanding this issue since there seems to be a fix with a new electronic shutter. I really can't use a camera that always needs a tripod for excellent shots so I am hoping that some of you hard users of the D800s that are well versed with the D810 changes can help.

I guess my most basic question is best posed as a comparison. I never had problems holding my Canon F1N hand held, indoor incandescent light , 400 ASA with shots at 1/30th of a sec. With my heavier med format I could only shoot at 1/60th in this same setting( again...hand held).

Is this similar to what the D810 is projected to be like with the new shutter?

Thanks for any responses. I apologize for the lengthy post but I felt the background info would help with a more accurate response for my use.



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