[Noob Review]1000mm-3000mm spotting scope with EOS adapter.

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[Noob Review]1000mm-3000mm spotting scope with EOS adapter.

Thought I'd share my experience with this if anyone is thinking of trying a spotting scope instead of buying a long lens. Please keep in mind that I'm somewhat new to photography (3 months maybe) and that I only tried one copy of one brand of scope. Other brands might perform better. They'd almost have to!

The main problem was that while you can zoom unimaginable distances, and fill the frame with distant objects, there was just no way to focus cleanly on them. There was a limit to how finely it could resolve detail and that limit lies somewhere between "lol" and "what am I looking at?"

What do you think? Can you see any difference in IQ vs. the link below? I can't.


There is also horrid chromatic aberration in both directions and strong vignetting (think of a 13 year old using instagram filters). There was also some weird internal reflection so it was like shooting through a window at all times.

The vignette is almost like a photoshop filter.

Cool, I can see the reflection of the overpass girder, overlaid on my shot of the train tracks. It's like 2 images for the price of one!

There are the expected complications - it's big enough to need its own carrying case. No AF. It's heavy. A huge amount of light is lost so you must jack up ISO even in daylight. A standard cheap tripod won't support it. The guy had some $10,000 scientific metal behemoth tripod that handled it fine of course. But my $20 model required me to focus on something approximately 1 'camera frame' north of the intended subject, then let the lens sag down to the correct position.

It took like an hour to get this crane's dangling whatchamacallit to fit in the frame properly.

Unfortunately I forget the brand name of the scope. Because I returned it. I had massive buyer's remorse and once I made the decision to return it, I immediately felt better. I rushed back to the guy so fast I forgot the lens cap. I had to circle around to retrieve it from the highway where it fell off the roof.

It just took me a couple of hours to realize the focusing issue is not user error, and went back to the seller's house to see if he'd let me out for $50. (refunding 250 out of my 300 purchase price). That seemed reasonable to rent it a few hours. He said that was fine and I put that cash back in the bank where I've earmarked it for a Bigron. The seller was a nice guy and is dumping a TON of odd old camera equipment, most of it pre-digital. Look up Shep's camera in Maine.

Here are the shots. I inset some of them with a pic I took with my 55-250 (an excellent little lens). I photoshop corrected the scope shots heavily, just because it would be pathetic otherwise. I'd label them but it's gonna be pretty clear which shots came from which lens. While the scope filled most of the frame it was just super blurry except the closest stuff. The crops from my little lens were sharper and clearer than any shot the scope took.

This is probably the best shot I got, this bird is at the top of a telephone pole across from a highway exit. So this isn't from 3 football fields away or anything.

This is a 100% crop from the 55-150 standard canon telephoto lens, from the same position. I didn't really use great settings but you can see it's clearer than the scope shot, though I could fill up the frame with just the bird's head using the scope.

And here's the rest of the album. http://imgur.com/a/qQIOo#0

This thing was just not intended for photos and it shows. You can see objects at a basic level from a mile away. But nothing you shoot will be crisp. Save up for a proper lens!

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