Need some advice - buy into Nikon 1 V3?

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Need some advice - buy into Nikon 1 V3?

Should I pursue the Nikon V3? Sorry, longish post - thinking aloud here.


  • Long time Nikon shooter with D3 and D800.
  • Have most of the "big" Nikkor glass (all AF-S) for FX: 70-200, 24-70, 14-24, 105 f3 macro, 85 f1.8, TC 1.7, 50 f1.4 (AF-D).
  • Have some leftover DX glass when I had D300: 18-200, 35 f1.8, 10-20 (Sigma).
  • Mostly sports/action shooter; corporate event style photography; on-the-sport portraiture (not studio); formal events like receptions; some street photography; not overly into landscape-nature unless when I'm on vacation/trips or just casually out-and-about; not really into macro photography.

Also experimented with:

  • M4/3 - have the Panasonic GF1 with 20 mm f1.7 (wife has Olympus EPL5 and a few choice lenses). Great little camera, but now it's at a bit of a deadend. Also had but sold the Panasonic GH2 - never really warmed to it.
  • Fuji X-E1 with kit 18-55 and 35 f1.4. Produced wonderful photos but found it size wise and form factor a bit odd - not small enough to be a really portable camera. Used it less and less. For the size and lenses I'd have to get to build up the Fuji TransX system, I might as well just get a D5300 and reuse my DX lens and FX lens when necessary. Sold the Fuji system yesterday.

My needs - what's changed for me?

  • Have a 2 month old son! Want something to shoot with that's better than my iPhone, particularly for candid snapshots at home (darker settings) or when out for walks.
  • Portability and convenience is key - the D800 and 24-70 produce great photos of my son, but they're not pocket friendly! Would rather not carry too much glass for casual photos.
  • Want wifi. I hate going to the computer, pulling out cards, downloading all, sorting, etc. I'm getting lazy. For personal shots, I rather just pick the best ones in camera and then email or upload them for myself for processing.
  • Want a flip screen/ability for selfies. Never cared for self portraits before, but now that I have a son, would like to be able to take better self portraits with him.
  • Getting a bit older! I'm in pretty good shape, but hauling big glass around is getting a bit tiring unless I have to.

Options I am considering:

  • Nikon V3. I wasn't too impressed with the V1 and V2, but the V3 looks promising. Would leverage my existing Nikkor lenses with FT1 adapter. Would be great for outdoor sports I hear. I'd need additional 1-system lenses though. Not sure interchangeable lens makes it THAT convenient. And it's the most expensive option. Haven't been able to handle one yet.
  • Sony RX100 MkIII (who thinks of these ridiculous names?) Great pocket camera and would meet my needs. Not expandable though, and would not leverage my Nikkor system, but maybe it doesn't have to... And I have to admit... I've never really cared for Sony. I managed to try one and it seems a little small and "fussy" in my hands.
  • Canon G1X MkII (another dumb name) Not as pocketable, but has flip screen, largish sensor, decent zoom, fast (ish) glass, should be easier to handle. But it hasn't gotten the best reviews (Sony seems to be reviewed better), and has very expensive add on EVF. Haven't been able to handle one yet.
  • ... and I hear that there are supposed to be a Nikon P8000 and Lumix LX8, etc. soon which might also fit the bill.
  • Lastly, expanding back into M4/3 - not sure where I would go with that though (Panasonic GM1?). Would need more lens, and potentially even more expensive than the Nikon 1 system.
  • Getting a D5300 which would meet most of my needs and living with the bulk.
  • Buying some add-on lens for my iPhone. Ahhh... not sure about this...

Big questions relating to Nikon V3:

  • How well does the FT1 adapter work with FX/DX lenses? Is it really that practical, or do most of you just not bother?
  • Any lens or group of Nikon 1 lens that would cover the range of an advanced compact like the Sony or Canon for casual/walkaround situations? A moderate telezoom and fast prime?
  • How can I take a decent selfie with the V3? Is there an app that I can remotely control the V3 using my iPhone? Does it actually work well?

Sorry for the long post... any insights would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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