Olympus XZ-2 went from $299 to $599?!

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Re: Olympus XZ-2 went from $299 to $599?!

Ken Croft wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

Surely a big mistake on somebodys part, now corrected.
The XZ-2 is never $299 price even in US is it ??? . Blimey.if it is.. Lord knows what you guys would be like for buying cameras fi you were in UK.. my XZ-1 cost more than that !!!

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Staffordshire, UK

No mistake at all. I bought mine from Amazon.es [Spain] for €199. Including postage that came to £162 only!! It is now up to €250 on the same site.

[Although the Amazon Spain price was €50 more than the Amazon France price, mine was ordered from Spain but was actually delivered from the French depot].

Ken from the UK now living in SW France

I can't help but wonder just what is going on with Olympus...  when I bought my XZ-1..now probably 2-3 years ago I suppose.. I paid just about £300 on the nose for it from a good well-known firm in UK and at the time that was a good deal. That XZ-1 always gave me a lot of pleasure..certainly the XZ is nice to use, but I've since gone to other things and right now I'm a converted and happy GM-1 user with my various Pancake lenses.
But on reading again through this thread I was prompted to look on Amazon UK site just an hour or so ago and was amazed to see the XZ-2 on that at £233..  bearing in mind that our prices include the dratted 20% VAT tax that's pretty good too. and not really a lot different to what I thought an incredible price in US terms for the XZ-2....  there must be some good reason for it I'm sure..but whatever it is..for anyone having a serious thought on getting one..this present price war on the XZ-2 is surely a bargain time ti act.

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Staffordshire, UK

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