Capture One questions

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Capture One questions

Hey, current Aperture user looking to switch over to another product given Apple's press release regarding AP.

I was all but set to switch to LR but came across Capture one and I'm playing with the pro version and I'm liking the RAW rendering C1 has over LR.

I'm disappointed with the lack of social media connections - am I missing anything, how do I upload some of my images to Facebook - the old fashioned way of exporting/uploading?

I like to upload to smugmug as well so these are kind of important to me.

Another question is the difference between the Pro flavor and the express flavor - what's the difference, being an aperture user should I just bite the bullet for the pro?

I noticed the price of the C1 is 149, is this a new pricing model, or temporary, if temporary, when will it expire. I want to be able to decide on using this before it expires.

In Lightroom I was liking how I could manage my file structure, i.e., is this possible with C1.

For instance, I have my legacy images on an external drive and my 2014 images on my laptop. With LightRoom, I could dragged the /2014/Events over to my external drive in the app.  is this sort of thing possible?

With Aperture I resorted to using different libraries for each year, that worked well enough but the downside is I lost the continuity of searching and accessing all my images at once.

Thanks for your help in this - I'm really like the image quality of C1, but I'm concerned about the DAM capabilities, and how this app will impact my workflow compared to Aperture and LR.  Plus the uploading to social media and smug mug.


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