RX-100M3: two annoying bugs / usability issues

Started Jul 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
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GHL_Vienna New Member • Posts: 3
RX-100M3: two annoying bugs / usability issues

What is the opinion of the community on the following two “usability issues” (we may well also call them “bugs”) of the RX-100M3:

1. Behavior of the zoom in picture plackback mode very unpractical:

For checking the quality of a series of pictures just taken, it has proved useful browsing through the series while zoomed in a few steps. Every camera allows such zooming in several steps. When pulling the zoom lever a default moderate zoom step is usually applied providing a reasonable trade-off between full zoom-in, which is pointless and displaying the complete picture (no zoom or full zoom-out). Pulling the zoom lever on the RX-100M3 immediately zooms in 15 steps. So if you want to apply a reasonable zoom level, in my opinion this would be 6 zoom steps or less, you have to zoom out again in steps. Having owned several Canon cams, both professional DSLR as well as Powershot models as well as a number of other gear (Casio, Panasonic etc.) I have never experienced such an uncomfortable and pointless zoom behavior in playback mode.

2. Automatic picture rotation in playback mode doesn’t work properly with zoom in:

Take a picture in portrait mode with automatic picture rotate selected. Playback the picture and rotate the camera by 90 degrees. The picture is rotating as well and now optimally displayed. Pull on the zoom lever and find that the picture is zoomed in landscape mode again. I do not know any other camera, which is handling the zooming in that way !

Has anyone of you already experienced these “bugs” and find them as annoying in practice as I do ?

Both are two “bugs” Sony could easily fix by a firmware update though. Regarding the zoom level Sony should either hard-default to 6x zoom-in when pulling the lever in playback mode or make the default zoom level manually definable.

Shall we address this to Sony as a group of depreview.com forum users, thus enforcing our claim that these issues have to be fixed ?

(The issue regarding the shutting down of the cam as soon as the viewfinder is pushed down, has been quoted here frequently. Admittedly we could also call it a “bug” or user-unfriendly behavior, which shall be changed. In my opinion this behavior is not as annoying as the “bugs” I described above.)

Comments anyone ?

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