Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

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Re: Same as on NEX

William Crockett wrote:

Thank you very informative. Now your Tamron E18-200 is not a full frame lens, however are you able to use without the crop effect on your A7r? Of course with the 32 aspect you can afford it, my A7 is at 24; my guess is that this would hurt me more.

No, the E 18-200mm is an APS-C lens, if you use it uncropped on full frame you get black corners.  It will always be like an 18-200mm used on an APS-C sensor.

Main point is to try and find a full frame 18200...perhaps to get that I will have to wait for touch lenses to come out. However your input on the 70-200 has purked my interest.

I think what you are looking for is a 28-300mm lens, which would be similar field of view.  There is no native one for Sony E, but you could use an adapter to find one.  You really lose any size benefit of the A7 at this point.

If you get an E mount 18-200mm and use it exclusively with the A7, and no other lenses, you have no reason to use the A7.  Sell it and buy the A6000, you will get similar functionality, better AF, at a fraction the price.

With the A7 your extra $1000 US goes to the larger sensor.   You buy it for the full frame sensor, not to use in crop mode. I can understand using a couple lenses in crop mode until you get full frame versions, but if only using crop lenses, get APS-C.

So at this point if you want a one lens solution and the A7, you might have to wait a year or so until the lens you want is available (if it ever is).


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