Lightening The Load - Suggestions for Smaller Camera

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Lightening The Load - Suggestions for Smaller Camera

Hi All,

I've been shooting with a 5D Mk II and a small collection of lenses (16-35, 24-105, 100-400) that in general have served my needs quite well. I love the camera. I love the lenses. I DON'T love the size of the backpack required for me to lug around all that weight. I'm looking for something out there to lighten the load. What I'm looking for probably doesn't exist and is some sort of fantasy...but I thought I'd poll the wise masses to see if anyone has any thoughts.
I'm looking for:

1) A setup that is much lighter and preferably smaller.
2) Need something with full manual control that makes it relatively easy to get to those controls (not something buried deep in the menu)
3) Similar range (16-400mm) or thereabouts.  
4) Similar or better image quality, with at least as good low light capability. 
5) I do lots of timelapses, long exposure so manual remote control is a necessity.

Like I said...probably some sort of pipe dream...but if anyone has any suggestions for a setup that could perform similarly to what I've had at a significantly lighter weight and smaller size, I'm all ears.

Thanks to all in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

Canon EOS 5D
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