Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

Started Jun 23, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Same as on NEX

Zeisschen wrote:

William Crockett wrote:

What would you say the difference would be between as you say the lower quality 18-200 zoom lens and the latex sony 70-200? For my shooting the latter would mean a second body. If the quality is really undermined then I guess i have to bite the bullet and carry two lenses. Sorry about the geek factor scenario.



I compared my E18-200 Tamron to my FE 70-200 on the A7r. The 70-200 is much sharper over the whole range. It also has better contrast and much less CA.

Of course it's unfair to compare these two lenses, but at 70-200 the FE lens wins by a big margin.

Thank you very informative. Now your Tamron E18-200 is not a full frame lens, however are you able to use without the crop effect on your A7r? Of course with the 32 aspect you can afford it, my A7 is at 24; my guess is that this would hurt me more.

Main point is to try and find a full frame 18200...perhaps to get that I will have to wait for touch lenses to come out. However your input on the 70-200 has purked my interest.

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