Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

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Re: Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

The 18-200 crop lens is equivalent to a 27-300 FF lens, so that's what you'd need if you want a wide to long all in one zoom that works on A7. There is the Canon 28-300, which you could (probably) mount using the Metabones v3 adapter. It's not confirmed to work, but the 35-350 is.

That's going to be a huge and very expensive combination. And to be honest, IQ of those super zoom lenses isn't great, so you're taking a fantastic sensor and using mediocre but convenient glass with it. You'll be much better off with one of the following.

I wouldn't expect Sony to ever make a FE 28-300, so I wouldn't hold my breath for that. There is the Tamron 28-300, which is made for Sony and you could use with the LAEA4 adapter. That is probably your best option if you must have a FF super zoom.

Using the 18-200 on the A7 in crop mode is a waste. If that's your main lens, get a A6000. It will do much better in focus and IQ with that lens. If you use it occasionally on the A7, it works, but a waste if that's the only lens you use.

You bought an interchangeable lens camera, so change the lenses. Using a 28-70 or 24-70 and 70-200 in conjunction will give you better IQ than a super zoom.

If you want a good quality super zoom, you might consider the RX10. You get a 24-200 equivalent lens, Zeiss optics, and it's fast. In this case you're pairing a good lens with a good (but smaller) sensor. The 18-200 and A6000 you're pairing an ok lens with a good (but smaller than FF) sensor. With the A7 you are looking at either switching lenses, or using lesser glass.

The real key here is using the right tool for the job. The A7 is only a great camera if you use the right lenses with it. If you're going to use the 18-200, you're better using it on an A6000. If you want to switch lenses, the 24/28-70 and 70-200 make a good combo, but there's not a great FF super zoom for the A7, and likely never will be (without an adapter).

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