Must replace EVOLT-510 - Where do I go from here ?

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Re: Must replace EVOLT-510 - E-30!

gmblack1910 wrote:

I did look up the GX7. It looks good but the few prices I saw were around the Olympus Price. One thing it mentioned was it was a good camera for "Street Photography", which I really do not do. In fact I do have a problem with my knees that limits walking time and sometimes getting to the level I need.

Oh my. Do I hate this "street photography" silliness, which quickly degenerates into the "50mm lens is only lens you even need" mantra.

I have bought GX7 because:

1. I could afford it. Price is pretty much the only downside to this camera.

2. It has EVF.

3. It has e-shutter which goes up to ISO 3200.

4. I like its larger prolonged grip. The grip doesn't have the depth (like e.g. Sony A6000 or E-M1 or GH4) but it has enough gripping surface.

5. It is larger: but it is not taller or deeper - it is wider. Being not tall (and absence of the hump) actually turned out to be the biggest feature to me: it fits easily into narrow and small bags and pouches. With mounted pancake it fits into a typical bag/pouch for consumer camcoder.

6. After 5+ years with Oly DSLRs, I wanted to try something different, but not too much different. Got tired waiting for Oly to produce a successor to E-520, so bought the GX7 as soon as it came out (but after first reviews ;-)).

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