Tamron 70-300 VC stopped AFing

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Wore out the lens on your Tree Swallow BIFs!

JEO126 wrote:


Noticed a couple of days ago that AF would occasionally not engage. Then yesterday it stopped altogether. I've tried turning everything (AF, VC, camera) off and on again, taking lens off and putting it back on, but nothing. Camera is a Nikon D5300. The kit lens works fine, so the problem doesn't seem to be with the camera. The Tamron lens is about three months old, and Im assuming Tamron can take care of it if it's broken. But just thought I'd check here to see if others have had this happen and if I'm missing anything obvious.



I think that you wore out the AF motor on your Tree Swallow BIF photo ops!

Unfortunately, looks like you'll have to send it in and hope that it gets in the hands of an experienced lens tech that cares about his/her work. They messed up my first copy so bad that the Svc Director chose to replace the lens with a new one from their inventory. Big mistake by me for allowing that! The 2nd copy had CA so bad it was not acceptable - the Svc Dir said that this was “normal” and can easily be fixed in post. This was after the Svc Dir had checked out the lens before shipping. They also said it was too late to get the 1st copy back and fixed (despite my numerous requests to do so). It took me a while, but I finally got them to send a 3rd copy. No CA problems with this one but the IQ was not quite as good as the 1st copy. The VC is pretty much unusable on my D300 and cannot be used at all on my D7100. It adds some “motion blur” type effect.

The QC on this lens is very poor, but a “good copy” is the best in it’s class (consumer zoom) for IQ wide open. So, I decided not to throw out the baby with the bathwater and live without the VC for now rather than sending in the lens in the middle of my shooting season.

I was a little reluctant to share my Tamron experience with you, but reporting things like this is what contributes to making these forums such a great resource (real user feedback). On the positive side, you can actually call and speak with the Svc Rep. Also, as per my request, they tightened the zoom more than spec so that I could carry it with lens pointed down without the zoom opening up.

Photogs often report that their lens works so much better after a trip to the service facility.

Hope that you get it back in good working order.


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