RX100 Mk3 - 1st images - Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Re: RX100 Mk3 - 1st images - Brooklyn Bridge Park

elliottnewcomb wrote:

thanks for these, very nice collection of photographs.

Thank you!

I wish I had your feet and knees, to wander the city on a beautiful day. I will have 3 free hours mid afternoon today, I will be blasting my m3 at this and that.

As a New Yorker, I walk about 10-20 miles a week both on errands and for pleasure. (I also run 5-10 miles a week for "exercise") I recently moved back to the city after 25 years in the "country", where a car was a necessity and I walked very little. It took awhile to get used to "pounding the pavement" again, but now I'm loving it! (And a big reason I wanted a "pocketable" camera like the RX100.)

What tripod do you walk around with? Do you combine self-timer with tripod? I have been told to turn IS off with tripod, not sure if it makes any difference with m3.

I did not use a tripod for any of these shots. They were just taken "on the fly" as I was walking around. See it, bring the camera up, shoot, move on. All handheld. The only time I would lug around a tripod would be if I were going to take long exposure pictures in the evening and, in that case, I would bring the X-E2.

I rush to post test shots of my new cameras, assuming people want to know while considering buying it. Then I look back and realize, even if my purpose is just to show zoom power or angle of view, people want to, and do look for sharpness, exposure, tecnique, etc.,.

Right. But this wasn't a "formal" review and I never claimed it was. Just some images and thoughts from my 1st outing with the camera. Unfortunately, some folks have also lost sight of the fact that cameras were actually created for taking beautiful images and creating memories, not just for technical comparisons. I like to pixel-peep as well, but...

I would be interested to see in-camera, default settings, Jpeg OOC if you have any, I find it hard to know what has been done PP, and I don't have those skills.

As I said in the OP, these were all developed in LightRoom 5.5. I did make some adjustments to exposure and colors. I have no set PP routine. Simply adjust exposure and levels until the histogram is "full", with no overs or unders, then tweak colors and contrast to taste. It's different for every image.

As for sharpness, I have no comment on most, however, the orange flower, I have gotten sharper than that with m1, I find soft round flowers like manual focus best, and no breeze of course, I am just saying, you can get more out of your m3 than that I think.

The orange flower is actually sharp at 100% - but it's the anthers (the "pad-like part at the top of the stamen) in the rear area that are the sharpest, so it appears that the flower is not sharp because the front anthers are slightly out of the DOF range. Again, I like to shoot wide open - even macro type flower images - and I actually like that the majority of the image is not 100% sharp. Call me crazy!

thanks again,

Thank you!

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