Sony a6000 h lens roadmap

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small, noodgy thing: not the center of the lens but rather the image

NowHearThis wrote:

The problem is that it is better to use lenses designed for APS--C, you have more resolution.

No, using FF lenses on APS-C bodies means you're shooting through the sweet spot on the glass.

This is a tiny point, but I can't resist being noodgy this morning: you're not shooting through the sweet spot (or the center) of the lens. You're using the best portion of the image projected by the lens.

Speaking loosely, the whole area of the lens (for any given aperture) contributes to every image point across the entire frame -- in other words, an image point in the middle of the frame receives light rays from the entire area of the lens, and an image point at the edge of the frame also receives light rays from the entire area of the lens.

But the lens forms better image points in the middle in the middle of its image circle than it does at the edges. So when you use a sensor that captures only a small subsection of the image, you're just cropping out the lower quality image points towards the edges of the image circle.

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