Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

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Re: Keep my new 50LF1.2 or return it for a 50mmArt ?!?

Nicollino wrote:

My question is for those who own the Canon 50L and those who own or have owned both that lens and the Sigma 50 Art. What do you think of the performance of my lens from these tests? Is it particularly soft compared to yours? Is it common and what I should expect from that lens?

I own the 50L and I have to say that I think your test results are consistent with my own, BUT... I hasten to add that, in my opinion, it doesn't cope with tests very well - it's definitely a lens for photographers, not testers! My advice is to use the time you have to get out and start taking *real* photos with the lens, with subjects at all distances, at all apertures, and make a judgement of the lens's value based on that experience rather than the results of the test above. I just did a rummage through my flickr files and put all the 1.2 shots into an album, just in case it's useful - I think they should all be viewable at 2048 pixels. Some are sharper than others, but for me at any rate, I'm not really bothered by the variation.

50mm @ f1.2

I love the 50L. Like my Italian wife. It's frustrating at times; it drives me nuts at times; but it makes the best lasagne in the world when everything comes together it's magical. Testing it will just screw up your head and discourage you.

I've been watching with interest the photos that are starting to appear in Flickr from the 50A, and to be honest if I didn't own and love the 50L right now, and if I hadn't had such a bad experience with the 35A, I would probably opt for the 50A if I was buying from scratch. The bokeh is very slightly rougher than the 50L, but if the focusing of the 50A is that much easier and more reliable, then I'd be prepared to accept the compromised bokeh. But given my experience with the 35A, I don't have that confidence and for the time being I'll stick with the L.

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