Electronic Shutter and Bendy Propellers ?

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Re: You have to look at the second image!

Spocky wrote:

Chas2 wrote:

Spocky wrote:

Paul De Bra wrote:

The second image looks like a propeller blade is missing. Obviously that cannot be true so it is really that the image is not take instantaneously. This is indeed a problem with what is called a "rolling shutter".

Or the plane only has 2 props.....http://www.canvaswings.com/tag/f-22/

Cheers Spocky

If you are talking about the three Fokker Dr.1 triplanes, yes, they only have two bladed props.

No the Breitling Stearman wing walkers


But I'll concede that it is probably an artifact but it is weird that the motion is not affected as much as the rotation of the props.

The main body of the aircraft was followed by the photographer - no relative motion so no matter how slow the scanning is you get the right shape. The propellers are not being followed by the camera with similar rotational speed hence the jello effect.

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