Good example of obvious differences between Merrill and Quattro

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Re: The larger picture

I could have not said any better.

To add, this is an expected performance from the Quattro.  For me, it has even performed better than I expected so the Panchromatic top layer seems to be doing its job.

The Quattro is intentionally designed to bring back to Foveon look with better camera performance and battery life.  The 20mp top layer is just there to keep up with the MP race.

maple wrote:

Much of the arguments have been focused on the local textures in micro contrast rich areas of the images viewed, typically foliage and some roof tops and imperfect flat surface. It feels like as if that were the only thing that matters in image quality. Yes, Merrill is indeed more capable of rendering micro contrast. Then what?

Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture, for a change. What constitute the classic “Foveon look” in the first place? Many people like Foveon, because of its pure and vibrant colours, fine tonal transitions as well as exceptional sharpness, besides micro contrast. Merrill has not inherited all these Foveon attributes equally well. No longer has it the colour depth and purity of the pre-Merrill sensors, and its images can look “dirty” probably thanks to the (excessive?) amount micro contrast. But suddenly, none of these image properties is relevant except micro contrast. And that's just because the last Foveon sensor happens to be particularly good at micro contrast.

It’s too early to give Quattro any verdict. But with quite a few sample images scrutinized, it may not be too far fetching to say that Quattro promises a more comprehensive successor to the Foveon legacy. It looks like that some of that pure and clean look of colours is back, with even higher resolution and more details that are equally sharp.

OK, Quattro doesn’t render as much micro contrast details as Merrill, but nonetheless in sufficient amount. Ironically, micro contrast is as much a friend to Merrill as it is an enemy. I suspect that some Merrill images look too busy, surreal, or simply “dirty” partly because they are “polluted” by the amount micro contrast more than what our eyes can perceive. On the other hand, the Q images we have viewed so far seem to have a cleaner and more natural look to them, probably because of the more subtle and gentle rendering of micro contrast that matches more our visual experience.

Just a different POV.

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