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l_d_allan wrote:

ottonis wrote:
In many ways, these are some really exciting times for all camera- and photography tech enthusiasts.

Agree. I think this is a "golden age" for photography.

It's kind of like desktop computers 10 to 15 years ago ... better models at the same or better prices every six months of so. Upgrades were a pleasure.

I've got my fingers crossed that Canon leap-frogs everybody again like they did in the 2008-2009 time frame with the 5d2 and 7d. Wishful thinking?

I don't think it's wishful thinking. Sony has extremely pushed the market and its big rivals, which I think has massively stimulated the expectations of customers. I am pretty sure that Canikon have some great stuff up their sleeves they simply didn't have the need to bring to market as they were already undisputed and unchallenged market leaders. Now, this has dramatically changed and they certainly do feel the heat coming from Sony. Competition is a great thing, it stimulates evolution and development in all segments of life.

Just remember AMD 10-12 years ago, when they were the first to break the 1 Ghz barrier with their K7 chips and were the first to introduce x64 mainstream CPUs (K8). Without that extreme heat from AMD, Intel would never have felt the need to speed up its CPU development and we would probably still have some lame, heat dissipating Pentium IV derivatives.

History is repeating right now with ARM processors. They have extremely stimulated the CPU market and forced both, AMD and Intel to totally revamp their tech development strategies.

This is all absolutely amazing and I hope that more and more competition will be generated. Without competition there is barely any progression.

That's why I say: Go Sony! Go Canon! Go Nikon! Go Samsung! Go everybody and bring us new great stuff!!!

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