Almost Perfect, but its not. 1 flaw

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Almost Perfect, but its not. 1 flaw

I have now been able to work with this camera in almost every category of shooting I do. I absolutely love this camera. I have the quick FN menu and custom buttons worked out perfectly as to be able to easily and quickly control most used items.

The EVF is excellent, but seeing the the focus fluctuate live is weird. The handling is a pleasure. I initially had issues bumping the aperture ring accidentally occasionally, but changing it to clicks fixed that.

The image quality is great for this versatile of camera. The weather sealing is not necessary for me, but I really really like having it. It gives me a feeling security that I am not abusing my camera in some of the rougher conditions I take it to.

The remote app works well, not as good as Panasonic's, but in some ways easier. The Picture effects are high quality and fun.

The Flash system works well in all aspects and the leaf shutter allowed me to sync to as high as 1/1000 but should go all the way to 1/3200

The Jpegs are very good, but I set noise reduction to low. If your going to shoot indoors with mixed lighting or mix flash with daylight, then shoot in .raw to be safe. Use a fast card to speed things up.

The Scene Modes and Superior Auto are great. The Handheld Low light mode is awesome if your subject is still, maybe even better than Panasonic's version. Check out my low light shots in the coal mine!

The camera gives you three ways to shoot HDR, I won't go into them, but if you learn them they can make some cool images. I have some samples in my gallery.

The Flaw: Autofocus! Almost every wasted shot I have with this camera can be attributed to slow focus. In fairness it is only slightly slower than my FZ200, but much slower than my G5 with any lens in any light. I have tested every focus mode, every focus point, Pre AF, and Eye AF in every light. It is not terrible, but not great. So if your not in a hurry you will never have an issue, but if your chasing kids or anything moving, you need think ahead to get the shot.

Eye-AF works great actually! I press the center wheel button and boom eyes detected and in focus. But this is for portraits not sports or moving subjects.

I wish the camera allowed in camera .raw processing but this and any other minor complaint can be handled in other ways.

I love this camera, and I really want to keep it, but I think the Auto focus slowness will be my only real reason for eventually selling it and getting the FZ1000. I would forget the reach of the FZ1000 and any other feature it may have over the RX10 if Sony would fix the AF with a firmware upgrade.

Here are my test shots, I have added some recently:

I would have given this camera a 4.5 or 5 for its category but the Autofocus is enough of an issue to only get it a 4 despite how perfect this camera is for me.

I will recommend this camera to anyone but not for sports, or moving subjects. For those people I will have then check the FZ1000 and the Nikon 1 series, neither of which I own, but plan to.

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