Electronic Shutter and Bendy Propellers ?

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Re: Waiting for Godot.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Electronic shutters are also always-on generate more heat on the sensor and are therefore more noisy. Without these problems one would otherwise wonder why all cameras might not simply dispense with the mechnical ingenuity and complex manufacturing (cost) of mechanical shutters.

Tom, the industry is waiting (still, a long wait) for the global shutter so they can get rid of the expensive and flaky focal plane shutter and make more profits. And probably introduce a new set of problems for forum idiots to argue about.

When the global shutter arrives it will be closer to a real digital camera at last because at the moment they are only digital sensor mechanical cameras (except of course for the forays into bendy propeller sensors).

Regards..... Guy

Yes, I liked the bit where it was said that all propellers bend when rotating ...

Sure they might flex a little  - but not like that ... (eyes wide open ... )

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