K30 fried after using in rain

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Re: RE: Pentax USA warranty support

Potemkin_Photo wrote:

My whole issue is that Pentax is putting out these commercials where waves of water are hitting the camera but then their service centers don't cover water damage. So it's OK for them to douse their cameras for advertising purposes but not for you to have failure due to water damage.

Also, there's really no rating assigned to what they call "water resistant."

In your first post, you wrote: "...I've recently been wanting to do some "harsh elements" photography and this would cost just a couple hundred bucks more than the new generation of waterproof compact cameras but give me a lot more latitude in terms of manual control and of course better image quality."

A short answer is don't buy the Pentax.

If you are comparing the SLR to any of the P/S cameras that are rated as waterproof and good for use under water, you will be sorely disappointment in the Pentax.  Broken camera kind of disappointment.

Now, maybe 'harsh elements' to you does include what the Pentax SLR is intended for...  comparing it to the P/S, I fear you have another definition of 'harsh'..

In addition to Simon's trouble (and I hate to hear about it), there have been cameras that failed when condensation formed and they were only in and out of very humid environments.  I haven't read the thread but I suspect something like this happened with Simon's camera.  Not the water so much as water vapor.  Looking at the dates, I take it the weather was chilly, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be wet camera/bag warming a bit and vapor forming.

I think Simon did what he should have.  Keeping it in the bag and all as he got back to the car.  Reasonable.  I don't really know what happened and maybe the thread will explain it.

The P/S will be sealed air tight. Water tight.  The SLR is not.  I have used my camera is rain and snow.  I use it just the same as I would without WR.  I look at WR as a bonus on top of taking reasonable care of the gear.  Some people (and I aint talking about Simon here) look at WR as a...  well, something else.  Putting the SLR camera under faucets and in shower and in dirt and whatever else they can youtube.  It is a way to do it.  Just doesn't seem prudent.

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