Aperture demise.... I have a plan!

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Aperture demise.... I have a plan!

I have about 1TB of raw images of personal and microstock images.

I have scrutinized the one image of the future Photo App.  I have read the Apple statements and clarifications.  I have watched the overview presentation at the WWDC and also the Raw presentation.

My conclusion is that the new Photo App will be iPhoto on steroids but significantly less than current Aperture 3.  Almost every one agrees that that Photo App 1.0 will be less than Aperture.  Many... not all think that over time it will be better than Aperture as Apple puts put out updated versions.  But if 1.0 comes out next year... it may be 2016, 2017 or later, if at all, that it gets to the abilities of Aperture 3.

Many say... cool it.... wait. I had a boss once say to me "never make a decision before you have to". My problem is that I was a USAF pilot a long time ago.  Where generally speaking you act quickly or die.  That thought pattern kind of stuck with me.

Granted we are not in a spin and Aperture will be support by Yosemite for a while.

But I don't think Photo App is going to get where I need to go.

So after looking and using LR, Capture One, DX0, Rawtherapee, Graphic Converter, and CS.  I think Capture One wins (would love to hear comments from experienced users).  It has good RAW capability and ok DAM capability.

I may have to invest in another drive.  I have 2 Aperture libraries.  My main one is on my MBP that has 2TB of HD space.  That is backed up to Time Capsule and BackBlaze.  Then I have another on my Mac mini that i use for interim cleaning up of images (on my big displays) for microstock.  Every month or so I migrate that back to the macbook pro.  And when I want an image right now for  blog I will do it here.

So it will be the smaller library (100GB) that I switch over to Capture One.  I still have to figure out the details but it looks like I will attached my version metadata to the RAW images.  Create high quality Tiffs from the versions.  And then move both to Capture One.  And see how that goes.  I also plan to do all my new images on Capture One.

After a few months, if that works well,  And there is no new good news from Apple on the Photo App, then I will transfer the big library.

I will, of course keep the old libraries, in the event I am wrong and Photo App blows us all away with its new capabilities.

Just had to get this posted.... I feel better already.

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