Why I will be changing my A7 for an A7S

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Re: Why I will be changing my A7 for an A7S

FujLiver wrote:

Firstly the A7 is an excellent camera and I enjoy it greatly, and it's pretty amazing low light performance as well.
However the A7S according to many source including imaging resource and DXO is 2-3 stops better low light. That's phenomenal. It also has massive photo sites which have a filmic quality to them.
Lastly the silent shutter is just what I need on certain circumstances.

Ho hum. Could see if the A7 ii has silent shutter but still like that low light.

Anyone else considering moving from the A7 or A7R and has no interest in video ?


No. Less interest in the S now than before and greater interest in seeing this technology in the A8.

The advantage for stills seems relatively minor..2 stops? I don't shoot high enough iso for it to be much of an advantage often enough to offset the lose at low iso.

I don't see anything filmic about the stills, nor did I see anything filmic about the d700, etc.

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