My ideal photo manager (long, sorry)

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My ideal photo manager (long, sorry)

No, not an Aperture alternative...yet.

All this jabber with the demise of Aperture has got me thinking about how I store photos and is a Good Thing in that it's always good to reassess.

So, rather than debate existing DAMs or similar solutions, what would we like to see in a new application to organize photos? I think there's tons of room for them all to improve.

And I'm sure Apple, Adobe, etc will read this and accomodate their beloved user base. So...

1. I want a DAM that surplants the Finder. Imagine you're in Mail or Word or PS or Comic Life, and you want to insert an image. So File>Insert... brings up NOT a dialog box, but the grid view of ApRoomOneIc. You look at versions, maybe filter, select one, do a bit of resizing and change to BW, then click and you're back in the orignal application, say Word, and drop the photo right there on the page. Done and done. I've kept Aperture around in part for that lame little photo browser (ditto iMedia Browser, which can work with LR), but it stinks.

2. Related to 1: I want that same ApRoomOneIc to open up right off the desktop, rather than a Finder window, when I'm looking for documents. QuickLook is lame in this day and age; I want the grid WITH versions, loupe, keywords, filtering, etc. In fact, something akin to this would be better for PDFs, text, or any other document type file (obviously not database files or the like).

3. I want a universal exif/IPTC type structure for some image edits. I realize some stuff is proprietary, etc etc, but maybe at least a common ground starting point for simple stuff?

4. Enough with sidecars.

5. Multiuser. Sure maybe not a server solution, but at least more structure for allowing a family of four to share not only the ability to view photos, but make edits. Existing DAMs are kinda like toothbrushes. I'd rather ApRoomOneIc be like the fridge: everyone has access, but you can label stuff as your own, combine ingredients to make new stuff, through out rotting condiments, etc.

6. Play nice with iOS and/or Android. And in a way that's more than just one company's effort to force you into their own cloud. ApRoomOneIc would be sorta like Photos was in the WWDC demo, in that changes could propagate to other devices, but via USB, LAN, or whatever. Apps on mobile devices would be able to play this game too.

7. Play nice with the cloud. Again, common structure so that we can pass edits back and forth to places where even RAWs are stored, so that we only pass the edits, and not the whole files.

8. Play nice with cameras. Your next camera will have wifi. Few now allow desktop control, although they allow iOS device control. ApRoomOneIc would accomodate that. Wifi enabled camera would show up just as iOS devices do now in Aperture, etc. but would allow not only downloading but control. And you could edit files right on the card in the camera a la number 7.

9. Have a way out. In other words, you could export the work you've accumulated into a format that the next ApRoomOneIc alternative, IcOneRoomAp, could import at least in part for common edits, metadata, etc.

10. RAW support from day one. Camera in store, RAW support in ApRoomOneIc.

I was reading in my local news YA article about the demise of cameras that aren't phones. So maybe no one has the incentive to make innovative new DAM software. I sure hope not. We'll see.

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