Apple Aperture.... Worst Marketing ...Ever!

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bobkeenan Contributing Member • Posts: 712
Apple Aperture.... Worst Marketing ...Ever!

I can understand Apples move to shut down Aperture and move on to the new Photo App.  I can also understand their implementation of an announcement by letting a few key Photo sites know about the change. Finally, I can also understand Apples need to keep new product specifications secret until its nearly time to release.

But what I cannot understand is the lack of information for us thousands of loyal Aperture users.  They would not have to say much.  They could say something like... " to our loyal Aperture useres... Photo App will not only migrate all of your current libraries, add iCloud connectiviity, but all the capabilities you had and more will be available in Photo App".  That sort of statement would leave me happy and looking forward to the new release.  And no critical competiton sensitive info is released.

The problem is that they did not say anything like this.  So either the Photo App will NOT have most or all of Aperture features OR the Apple/Photo App marketing team are idiots.  Because I am left with the feeling that they are dumping us loyal users.  It makes me want to dump Apple for my photo processing and DAM.... Just to get even.

The last 15 years of my career was marketing and business development albeit a different business area.  But we  also discontinued old but good products that had good customer bases.  But for the most part we NEVER told a loyal customer that we are dumping thier Beloved product and replacing it with a new one with secret capability with no assurance that their same needs will be met.  We would at least say stuff like.... This new product will blow your socks off or  meet all of your requirements and More!

I think it is nearly unforgivable to leave us loyal Aperture users on the lurch on this.... depending out our loyalty to Apple to keep us a customer.

Maybe the answer is that this situation has been pulled from the hands of the Apple Aperture team and given over to the Yosemite team.   Where photo processing and DAM are oriented to the Masses who want to do simple iphone like processing like make this photo look like a scratchy polaroid.......

Bob Keenan

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