Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: Similar to not seeing the forest for the trees

dsjtecserv wrote:
Actually, its the ability to see both the forest and the trees, and use both inputs to optimize the quality of the results.


  • If your expectations are small prints and/or web uploads, then not much matters.
  • If you want to make high quality, larger prints, then "pixel peeking" may be justified.
  • I think when you are learning how to apply sharpness and noise sliders in post processing, pixel peeking at 100%+ or greater is justified.
  • If you are concerned enough about IQ to use a tripod and/or high quality primes and/or micro-focus adjustment, the pixel peeking can be useful to verify your equipment is performing optimally.
  • I would expect pixel peeking to decrease as a photographer gains skill and confidence in their work-flow. VL: "Perfect practice makes perfect."
  • Until you try something new ... they it may be "back to the pixel peeking" to see if it makes a visible difference .... such as using a hyperfocal distance suggested by DofMaster, or the more demanding DOF from the advanced DOF calculator on Cambridge-in-color.
  • Or new software, or new equipment, or [fill-in-the-blank]
  • If you want to get better, you concentrate on that factor to near obsession, then incorporate it as a habit that you do by reflex without much thought. Much of photography is juggling tradeoffs.
  •  ...
  • For example, how are you going to check if your new Sony A7r is prone to "shutter shake"?
  • My 2¢ ... YMMV.
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