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Tamron 150-600 vs Canon f4-5.6 70-300L IS for Tourist Safari

I had an opportunity to this weekend at a photo show at Unique Photo to try out both the new Tamron 150-600 and the Canon f4-5.6 70-300L IS.  While I don't doubt that the Tamron is a fine lens and didn't have the light bleed that I noticed on some other Tamrons, this lens was just too heavy at 4.3 pounds to carry around all day. While the AF was able to fool my Canon 6D into allowing it to function, the AF was very slow. The vibration compensation at 600 was not adequate for handheld in indoor fluorescent light. This would be an unbeatable lens in this price range for a professional photographer on safari who can hire a private vehicle and set up a tripod on the roof.

In comparison, the Canon f4-5.6 70-300L IS was comfortable to hold as well as to carry when attached to the camera. Autofocus was almost instantaneous and felt very confident. While certainly not having the reach of the Tamron's 600mm, a bit of cropping should compensate for the lack of reach.

Needless to say, I decided upon and ordered the Canon 70-300L.  I appreciate all the advice I have read on this thread. Thanks to all of you.

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