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Hey Dave,

I really do like the large premier MF glass even though it's hard to focus on movement. These lenses were very expensive and the glass is truly first class, so when  you do nail the shot, it's amazingly sharp and contrasty with tons of high end pop that is hard to quantify. But they are harder to use for sure. I guess I really want the 600mm f5.6 because I think when I do nail the shot it would be golden and I'll  never be able to afford a top level super-tele without IQ compromises. Oh, and build quality on these old lenses are amazing and there is almost nothing to ever go wrong with them without electrics and with good sealing.

Yes, the 560 is really expensive. That's out of the picture for me. I do hope Pentax will release a 450mm f5.6 for $2800ish. That would be fantastic.

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Hi Seth,

Firstly nice shots especially the last one, I think what this thread is about is , a decent lens with enough reach that's not too expensive and that's where the Tamron 150-600 fits the bill, but as you say it's not available in the Pentax mount yet. So that leaves the Sigmas, the 150-500 and the 50-500 ( the 500 F4.5 is very expensive) with AF that are, at the long end, acceptably sharp. I know some people can manually focus, but with MF if you want to catch anything reliably in flight you are better than I am. I was lucky enough to find a S/H 50-500 Sigma for sale for 500 euros with a Sigma MC filter so I will live with that, but there's no sharpness to spare so filling the frame is a prerequisite. In Pentax-land we are not spoilt for choice on long telephotos so I think a S/H copy of these lenses is the best plan if you can't afford new. The DA 560mm F5.6 is large and is too expensive. We will have to wait for the new promised teles from Pentax, but their prices recently seem to be on the high side also.

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