Electronic Shutter and Bendy Propellers ?

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Re: Electronic Shutter and Bendy Propellers ?

G-D wrote:

lefkop wrote:

Hi, propellers are complicated devices, there is a lot of physics used in there design. Suffice to say, they are designed to bend and the camera is recording the image correctly. I really do like your images too, thanks for sharing.


Yes, airplane propeller blades bend, a little bit, but if they were as flexible as "seen" in those shots, that plane would NOT get off the ground, let alone do aerobatics.

Wonderful Dakota though!

Might it be that the outer part of the propeller has to travel faster than the inner part and therefore might be a shutter speed that would stop motion for part of the propeller will become a motion blur at he rotational speed of the part increases.  This is probably a phased in blur proportional to speed of rotation and makes the propeller seem to have  been bent.  Although the electronic shutter may have a part to play it is probably a lack of shutter speed that an electronic shutter might be able to get closer to the speed necessary to "unbend" the propellers than a mechanical one might be able to do.  I have no idea what speed might be necessary it would also depend on the given rotational speed of the propeller as well.

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