Aperture’s Demise – The Dark Cloud – Think before you act!

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Re: Aperture’s Demise – The Dark Cloud – Think before you act!

What possible use is iCloud when you have TBs of raw images saved in the Aperture structure. At what monthly cost would I be charged even if it was possible to upload them? This is not an upgrade for users it's an upgrade for Apple to make more money. To make sure they make more money it will be designed around the family user, not the pro user.

I have thousands of hours invested in Aperture doing it the way Apple wants,...wanted. Cloud is of no real advantage to the pro, it's for iPhone shooters posting on Twitface. Plus do I really want all  my images, my livelihood in the hands of someone else ?

I'm thinking before I act alright, I'm thinking I'm about to get stuffed so kids get to post selfies quicker and easier with all kinds of zany cool effects at the click of a button.

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