Finding and 18200 lens for my A7 Alpha

Started Jun 23, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Same as on NEX

darkdirtydwarf wrote:

Zeisschen wrote:

Basically your lens will just work the same as on your NEX. Set the A7 to auto APS-C crop mode (default) and it will just crop the outer pixels of the sensor. The result will be a 10 MP picture that will look the same as on the NEX. 10 MP is also enough for this lens, I don't think it would benefit much from higher resolutions.

According to my tests it does a little. But if you want ultimate quality, you shouldn't use a zoom anyway... I think it's a good compromise if you don't want to bring a second body along (though my NEX5N is a small enough lens cap far this lens ;))

What would you say the difference would be between as you say the lower quality 18-200 zoom lens  and the latex sony 70-200? For my shooting the latter would mean a second body. If the quality is really undermined then I guess i have to bite the bullet and carry two lenses. Sorry about the geek factor scenario.



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