Toshiba Flashair SD card + K5 = groundbreaking connectedness(for me)

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Re: Toshiba Flashair SD card + K5 = groundbreaking connectedness(for me)

thanks for the reply!

yes, my nikon d90 do accept sdhc cards. i've been using sandisk ultra 8gb sdhc (see image below) for almost 4 years

i already downloaded the flashair firmware update and flashair tool, but to no avail.

i also followed every step in setting up wireless connectivity (see image below) but still not working.

sandisk 8gb sdhc class 10

instruction on how to connect wirelessly

do you still have something left there that you might make this thing work?

really appreciate your help!

thanks in advance!

citrontokyo wrote:

very nice thread/review!

at the end of your thread, it says "I highly recommend this card to anyone with a smartphone and "older" digital camera."

my question is, how old is "older" digital camera? i also purchased this flashair 32gb version 2 but i think its not working with my nikon d90. i thought, this thing will work since i'm using a regular sd hc memory card. when i checked the compatibility list, unfortunately, my nikon model is not listed.
you might be able to help me. thanks in advance!

There shouldn't be any compatibility issues unless your camera doesn't accept sdhc cards. Basically it records the image files like a regular sdhc card, and that is all. The wifi uses the camera battery power only, the actual wifi connection has nothing to do with the type of camera, thus it should work with any digital camera that accepts SDHC cards.

Check to make sure the d90 can read sdhc cards. If it can and problems still persist, try reinstalling the app, or setting up the card from the beginning again.

I hope that helps.

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