How much have micro 4/3 cameras improved for action shooting?

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Re: How much have micro 4/3 cameras improved for action shooting?

"When I picked up the Nikon D4S to shoot with it for awhile, I noticed something else that seemed very odd. I was seemingly better at predicting the action with the D4S -- I was catching more peak moments. My strong sense is that the electronic viewfinder of the A6000, with its slight delay, was causing me to react late when the ball was passed and the action shifted. The optical viewfinder of the D4S has no equivalent delay, but on the other hand, the camera does blackout the viewfinder briefly for every frame. Whatever the precise cause, there was no question that I was slightly, but noticeably, faster at following changing action with the D4S. It's of no real concern to me overall, but if shooting sports for money was in my game plan (it's not), this would drop the A6000 off my shopping list.

The OP is already struggling to pay for a used EPL-5, and yet we want to compare it to a D4S... not very sage advice to the OP.

Reminds me of some computer coding documentation out of Redmond.  Absolutely correct, but totally useless.

How does the D3300 with a tunnel viewfinder and a way different focusing module compare to a used OM-D?    I've never used that model Nikon, so I cannot comment, but my D300 was sold when I replaced it with the OM-D (5)

Much more on topic to comment on something in budget.


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