Aperture RAW Updates

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Mark Alan Thomas
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Re: Aperture RAW Updates

Yakuza1970 wrote:

Now that Apple has axed Aperture, do you know if they will still have RAW updates for new cameras in the near future? I just bought a Sony RX100 mIII and was hoping for an Aperture RAW update soon.

RX100 support is probably coming. Some level of third party raw support will continue at least until Aperture support officially stops (hopefully you're good through Yosemite), but I wouldn't bet on new cameras being supported in a timely or complete fashion. I don't see how spending resources on third party raw support makes much sense to Apple anyway now that they've exited the professional photography market. Without Aperture in their lineup, third party raw support is about as meaningful to Apple as supporting blu-ray was. Their customers stream movies and use iOS devices. More professional users are expected to transition to something like Lightroom or Capture One. At any rate, I wouldn't put a lot of trust in Apple going forward for anything other than consumer products, but it's your call.

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