Must replace EVOLT-510 - Where do I go from here ?

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Re: Must replace EVOLT-510 - E-30!

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why not consider another 4/3 body? 520 and 620 bodies are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. E-3? Those are reasonable. If you don't have any m43 glass and don't need any, I don't see an issue with staying 4/3.

Of course it would be nice to stay with the Evolt.. Used to menus and things like that..but the lens I always had on it ( I think was 40-150 ) was ruined too. I do enjoy the zoom factor . The camera could track focus pretty well with one of the scene modes--children I think. But, I would have to get body and lens,..more $$$. I am not close to any stores that sell used--would have to buy over the internet and , to me, that is too risky... I know just because someone writes something , it doesn't mean it is true....

IMO, the safest for you, without handling the camera first, is to get the E-30. It is the last cam from Olympus which can be called successor to E-510. In between, there were also E-520 (I still have it!) and E-620. E-520 was only a marginal improvement over E-510. E-620 (I had it) is much smaller: it is a E-520 crammed into E-450 body, but with articulated LCD. If you were comfortable handling the E-510, then E-620 would be too small. Pretty much everybody said that E-620's grip sucks and works only with very light lenses.

For more thoughts, read on.

If you would choose to stay with 4/3. Look for Olympus E-30. It was the last 4/3 consumer-level body released. And its ergonomics match close those of E-510. (I'm not counting the E-5 which was released later, is much heavier and still very pricy.)

In the E-30, you would get the E-510, but with articulated screen. Handling would be very very close to what you had before. Changes, compared to the E-510: slightly larger, 2 more megapixels, 1/3-1/2 EV better IQ, articulated LCD, better faster AF and bigger, brighter OVF.

If you would choose to go with m43. (Alternatively, since you are shooting with kit lenses, check cheap Fuji X cameras.)

General outline. Oly: IBIS, only tilt LCD, ergonomics not for everybody. Pana: no IBIS - OIS is in lenses, articulated screen, better video and overall better ergonomics with DSLR-like bodies. Closest to E-520 ergonomics are the Pana G5 and Pana G6.

If viewfinder is mandatory. Check Pana G5 or G6 or Oly E-M10. E-M10 is newer and would cost more, but sadly this is the first Oly body which can be said to be replacement for the E-5xx/6xxx cameras. (Also check if the E-M5 have fallen in price sufficiently.) And even then, LCD is only tilt - not fully articulated. For fully articulated screen you would have to go with Panasonic Gx series.

If you are OK with composing on LCD and do not need tilting screen, then you can pick the Oly E-PM2 which can be found very cheaply (~$350). Or: Oly E-PL5 adds tilting screen, but is around $100 more.

With Pana you loose IBIS (in-body optical image stabilization). If you need OIS you would need to buy the Pana lenses. But both Oly 40-150 and Pana 45-150 lenses are pretty cheap (around $200) so not a big deal.

P.S. I own the Pana GX7 and come from the E-520. I simply do not like ergonomics of the E-M5/E-M10: they are too small themselves, grip is too small and controls are cramped. Even with optional battery grip, the handling doesn't become better to me, because the space between the grip and lens is way too narrow. But some people like the size of the whole kit.

P.P.S. Transition to EVF. Every m43 camera mentioned above has better EVF than the OVF on Oly E-5xx/6xx cameras. If my memory serves me right, OVF of E-30 is beaten only by the EVFs of Oly E-M1 and Pana GH4.

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