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Re: Tamron: Are you guys asleep or awake?

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jeanphilippe Goube wrote:

Even if Tamron doesn't support K mount for this lens, if this lens is so good, Sigma will not sell any bigma or 150-500 lens, as the extra 100 mm at the long end will certainly seduce most customers. You can be sure that there will be a response from Sigma, with a new lens that will be competitive with this one, and this lens will be available in Pentax mount

We can't really be sure of that but it is a good thought. Sigma could also think K mount users are trapped to buy the "Bigma" since Tamron don't offer their consumer grade 500 or 600 zoom in K-mount, so Sigma don't have to make a new one in K for Sigma brand either.


Having looked at the tamron in to 500-600 range I think it barley competes with the 150-500 Sigma but not the Bigma.

The Bigma is noticeably sharper with higher contrast and centre resolution @500 than the Tarmon so much so I'm confident the Bigma digitaly zoomed to 600mm would still have better acuity than the Tamron

The Tamron seems able to produce above average results up to around 400mm and then goes downhill rapidly, The 'examples' posted here extolling the Tamrons virtues wide open @600mm seem to be doing the opposite confirming its relatively weak (even in it price range) performance at the long end.

Even considering it's extended zoom range there appears better options for all focal ranges this lens covers at equivalent price point in PK

I see no reason for Tamron to consider a PK mount version nor Sigma to react with any changes to the current Bigma

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Hi Awaldram,

I have had the Sigma 50-500mm APO F4/6.3 EX (S/H) non HSM lens for a few weeks now which according to general opinion and LensTip is a slightly better performer than the 150-500mm version. I find it pretty sharp @500mm from F8-11, enough to make A3 prints, providing you don't do too much cropping.

LensTip has also reviewed the Tamron 150-600mm just recently and according to their comparison the Tamron is the sharper lens and by a decent margin, however they do say (like I find with my Sigma) it is a bit soft fully open at the long end. The photo posted here of the colourful bird on the orange fruited branch was taken at F6.3 and therefore is showing the lens in it's worst light.

This link; http://www.sumeetmoghe.com/2014/02/field-testing-bigron-aka-tamron-150.html

shows the lens in a far better light and looking at the images posted there to me it beats the my Sigma and as LensTip says, by some margin.

I assume what people are calling the Bigma here is the Sigma 500 F4.5 which is by all accounts is a very desirable and sharp but expensive lens, not being a zoom and having an aperture of F4.5 it is at a considerable advantage over the two Sigma zooms mentioned.

The bottom line is that there is not exactly a huge choice of lenses that cover that focal zoom range in Canikon and the ones that are there are way more expensive often being beyond the means of many photographers, ( let's hope that it comes out in the Pentax mount) .  So I feel it is better to welcome the little that we photographers are offered with open arms than to be too critical especially when it betters the price/performance wise what is out there at the moment.

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