Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: New sensor + a new kind of EVF

Jonathan Brady wrote:

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

KariP wrote:
Very likely it is a camera without mirror box

Then it can't be a DSLR - and thus no 7DII.


The optical viewfinder of a DSLR is the biggest must have - take that away and you lose the single most important feature of such a camera.

Well... that's opinion.

Sony makes a few cameras which people call DSLRs , but they have electronic viewfinders. And with that they have the issues of viewfinder lag, the EVF being too bright or too dark compared to the relative brightness where the person is working, and other issues. Those are not things to be found on a genuine DSLR. There must be some name that could be given to cameras that are almost like a DSLR, but don't have an optical viewfinder.

It is a serious difference. I do not think you can take away the OVF and still have a DSLR. Now, if a camera maker decides to incorporate an electronic viewfinder along with a true optical viewfinder, that is different. It is still a DSLR because nothing has been lost.

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