5 years without a pro DX

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Re: 5 years without a pro DX

n057 wrote:

Pierre Sottas wrote:

While FX and entry-level DX bodies are updated every year, 5 years without a new pro DX is an eternity. So long that the question is whether a new pro DX will ever come. What makes me pessimistic is that the technology is there, a pro DX body can easily be made from a combination of the latest D7000 and D800 technology, meaning that the reluctance of Nikon to propose a new pro DX body was/still is driven by business considerations. The two main DSLR lines produce in the tens of thousands of bodies every month and I presume the pro-DX market is way smaller, a niche market that Nikon may desert.

I definitively need a better AF/speed/buffer system than the D7X00 line can deliver. D810 is not a good option mainly because of the bad viewfinder in DX mode and its weight/size. I'm still dreaming of a responsive pro DX with pro AF and pro buffer in a body of reasonable size. Let's hope that Nikon is still interested in this niche market.


No they are not. Better start looking elsewhere as I am doing with the Pentax K3. In the apparently futile hope that something shows up by Photokina, I suspended buying anything for the Nikon ecosphere until I make up my mind

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

Looks like Nikon is focusing ( no pun intended) on Medical.

Maybe that's why they are dragging their feet on introducing new (semi) pro cameras


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