Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

no offense .. but why did this turn into a Fuji thread.. who cares?

and to be honest .. it's hard to compare apples to oranges when there's automatic NR and lens profiling being applied in the raw converter - so unless you are using something like RAWdigger, LR and ACR will apply automatic conversions.  are the lenses good? sure - but they aren't as good as you think they are. they are as good as a DLO'ed canon lens.

then you have the overstatement of ISO for fuji, and I do believe if I remember the nuts and bolts of XTrans - NR has to be applied during the demosiacing of the RAW data - again, not comparing apples to apples.

And on top of that - it's not really that much smaller for a full kit anyways - and a DSLR has far more lens options to reduce your kit size, weight and most importantly - cost.

then you have the fact that EVF's just aren't for everyone, and certainly don't work that well with all types of eyeglass wearers,etc,etc - and the battery life still completely blows (and I'm sorry if I'm shooting on a tripod switching batteries IS a pain).

So while you may love the Fuji and I have to admit, I've always loved the classic look - it's still very much a low volume niche product that like sony plays very fast and loose with some quantitative information.

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