Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

XTrans is much about the aberrant color filter array that Fuji concoted and I see loads of artefacts in photos produced by the chimeras that Fuji released with this sensor. I wouldn't take one for free even if it were wrapped in $100 bills...

Please post examples showing the "loads of artifacts".


Again, provide proof of the "insane amounts of aliasing artifacts".

Here are some:

  1. False pattern. The lines are like this:\\\\, not like this: /////
  2. The plain old moire is replaced by moire + smear marks.
  3. Look at the signs here and here.
  4. More false pattern. There are lo lines there. Even more here.

Those are interesting and frankly not a surprise but what I find most unusual is that you're comparing the XT1 to FF cameras such as the DF and 5D3 which is quite the compliment for the XT1 .

In the old scene, I kept their choices of the cameras form the Fuju X-pro review. Those are not poor choices to get an idea what is there, in the scene.

Another issue is the lenses used for the test shots. The Fuji is shot with their 35f1.4 which although an excellent 35mm lens it's not going to be as good across the frame as a good quality 85mm prime on FF such as used on the DF and 5D3 or as the 50mm used on the Canon & Nikon APS C cameras. Most likely the Fuji 56f1.2 was not available at the time of testing so DPR used the 35. The 56 is reported to be an exceptional lens and even DPR gave it special mention in the review.

Ironically, better lenses will make the problem (aliasing) worse.

It's also interesting that none of the Bayer pattern sensors show the cross line pattern in your number 1 example above except for the D7100 which is showing the same pattern as the XT1 in the shadow under the woman's dress. Could it be the pattern is really in the print and that none of the other Bayer sensors can reproduce it?

See for yourself. The D7100 is prone to strong aliasing as well.

Don't you find it odd that DPR wouldn't have mentioned it?

No, they need the Fuji ad dollars. All of their recent reviews are sugar coated.

On the contrary I quote from their review of the XT1;

No need to repeat infomercials. They at least are getting paid to do it, with ads.

I've learned that you can get only so much from reviews and if a camera interests you enough then you need to either rent it or just buy it. I did the latter and for the past 2 weeks have been shooting controlled comparisons against my 7D with my L zooms and I'm not seeing any of the artifacts, lack of detail or clarity or sharpness because I make simple adjustments to correct for them.

Many people are not concerned about aliasing and like it. That is OK.

Fuji is trying to mislead their customers that their non-conventional RGB sensor array somehow defeats sampling theory and removes the need of AA filters. And they seem to succeed (in convincing the public). If the sampling conditions are met (read - an appropriate AA filter), the Nyquist-Shannon
condition is still needed but the cut-off frequency is the average sampling rate. Well, even with the conventional AA filters, the filter is not strong enough to avoid color aliasing, at least, so those conditions are not met; and they omit the AA filter altogether. Then their non-uniform sampling makes aliasing worse. This is a fundamental problem of lack of information, and no RAW conversion tricks can change it. Ironically, with soft lenses, you are fine.

I'm sorry but with all due respect when someone degrades their position to "No, they need the Fuji Ad dollars" and "All of their recent reviews are sugar coated" and that DPR's comments are "infomercials" I realize that I'm not interacting with a completely rational person and probably wasting my time. I should ask then what's your position when DPR mentions how Canon's sensors can't keep pace with the competition in the area of DR? My guess is Canon spends a lot more in ad dollars than Fuji so how do you spin that?

I really couldn't care less what you think but it's possible that others who are not as tech savvy will. What's important for me is what I see on screen with my equipment for the way I shoot and I don't care what you think is or is not present in a RAW file.


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