I think i need a new lens but am to new to know which one so please help

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I think i need a new lens but am to new to know which one so please help

Hi guys, brand new DSLR owner here, zero training, never used one before 48 hours ago. Oh i bought a Nikon D3200, with the 18-55mm VR kit lens(which i think is my problem).

Just to get this out of the way this is NOT a i just got a new shiny camera and WANT a shiny new lens for it thread, i honestly believe i NEED a new lens

I have been reading up on photography online and getting familiar with the terms and names for things and asking my uncle alot of questions, he has been amateur photographer for 30 years (he owns about 25k worth of cameras and optics so maybe professional level by now lol).

So since the purchase I have taken over 600 photos of completely random things in my house and my pets and my girlfriend to get a feel for the camera so to speak. Ive been doing alot of photos in auto and then looking at them with the software on my computer to see what modes the camera selected and values for setting for the photo to sort of get a feel of what value of setting to use in which circumstances. I think im familiar enough with the terminology now to have a meaningful discussion about it so here goes.

Lets start by saying i hate auto focus indoors, the stupid light it uses to autofocus completely kills the photo IMO. The flash you can get away with because the photo is taken a split second before the flash effects the subject but the autofocus light is well before the photo making taking good autofocused picture of my cats pretty much impossible, they scatter when the autofocus light engages. On the bright side im getting really good at manually focusing now. So any lens suggestions that dont have autofocus on my camera is OK with me

Im basically looking for better indoor shots in low light with no flash(yeah yeah i know im not asking for much eh? lol), i think to start off with the kit lens is good enough for landscapes and portraits and general outdoor brightly lit shots or using flash indoors but not good enough to take good photo's indoors without the flash. My uncle knows nothing about my kit lens he is strictly oldschool his newest camera is probably 10-15 years old but he gave me some settings to try and use it indoors with no flash and i could not get the pictures i was after even after going back and forth with him dozens of times with different settings. I just cant do it with this lens the shutter speed just needs to be to long for me to freehand hold it, i either need a tripod or a better lens lol. Since tripod not so good to capture pictures of my cats with i need the lens. The bottom line is my uncle has decided i just dont have the speed to take the photos with my stock lens, F number i think this is called, i somehow need a lower one though not a higher one, he told me i needed below 2 i told him i had 3.5-5.6 and he laughed at me saying well no wonder you cant shoot low light no flash, especially if its closer to the 5.6 end at the zoom level im at.

So I have looked online with some coaching from my uncle and decided this is the next lens i should buy http://www.amazon.ca/Nikon-35mm-1-8G-Digital-Cameras/dp/B001S2PPT0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1404065138&sr=8-3&keywords=nikon+lens

All comments welcome, please give me any advice you can offer im here to learn.

Also worth noting my uncle is sending me some ancient(from the 70's)all manual everything prime lens that will fit on my camera and apparently be equivalent to a 50mm for me to try out before i pull the pin on a purchase, he said he cant remember how fast it was but he thinks its 1.2 or 1.4F.

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