Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Re: Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

Dash29 wrote:

I can assure you the light didn't change in the three seconds between shots and Im sure the majority of X-s1 will not suffer from this issue. The unit is under warranty and will be being returned to the place of purchase.

I thought that it was very unlikely that the light would have changed within three seconds, but while shooting test photos I've seen the light change dramatically within a second and then back again within another couple of seconds, just due to small, quickly moving clouds in what would otherwise appear to be cloudless skies. That only applies to the two photos you displayed.

As you say it happens regularly, so I'd agree that it's not the light that's misbehaving but your X-S1. Also, even with rapidly changing light, the exposure should remain fairly constant. Multi/Matrix metering could be fooled more easily but you used Average metering which wouldn't, so it's good that your X-S1 is still under warranty. I hope that the technician that examines your camera carefully reads whatever notes you include. The last time I sent a camera back to be repaired I included several small annotated prints that described and illustrated the problem and the camera was returned very quickly, fully repaired.

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