For those who doubt about a 7D

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Re: For those who doubt about a 7D

Indeed, the EOS 7D is a good camera for modern day standards as compared to its competitors in that market, as is the maker Canon, so its a keeper, as is that great thinker innovator peoples of Japan, however, as I write this reply, on June 2014, I am sitting on a unique spot memorable to me, so back in fall of 2009 was resting a bit here in this very spot when I got up to make a phone call, in the ensuing conversation I got hit with what I call my deflating blow from that conversation, such that when I hung up I even forgot to pick up my headphones nearby, so lost them as well in the shock, meantime a few minutes earlier an art student was studying at a hall nearby, so came near me and handed me a photography magazine to read to occupy me in that rest, as I flipped the pages saw that wonder camera the Canon EOS 7D on a page, checking the specs, the looks, and the hype, so was impressed briefly, however, after that phone conversation, I was so infuriated at myself that I looked up at that magazine page on the camera, and swore I will make that 7D more worthy the description, so it was by coincidence a frustration releaser for me uttering such a thing, so ever since that fateful fall day phone call conversation I was in a time loop like that weatherman in the movie "Groundhog Day", over and over tied in fate with that phone call, stuck in same spot, 5 years counting, but I had the opportunity to make a reflection, do some research, and magically here I am in year 2014, glancing at review of photo related items, so took to that dpreview page on the EOS 7D, and made a reply to one of the forum questions, its titled "on 7D, what is the difference between sharpness and contrast", folk may find my reply worthwhile I tell ya, sharp in wit as they come yet usable expandable into near future concept, so there it is, I did make that swearing come to light after all, and may Canon make use of the adrenaline in process, indeed I got hit with a cheap shot back then but turned that into a vivid clear and cohesive way I wanted to be portrayed, in conclusion I add, sharpness in carry on with all outlook in life including assembly of all your aspect to that camera, implies we come astute to that the image and impressions we register with us must be like that high definition indepth in contrast type

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