Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

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Re: Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

crashpc wrote:

Yes, I can agree with this. Everybody uses what he likes. But If you´re looking on people jumping on Fuji ship, look also those who stayed. They are there, they are propably greater majority, so seeing anybody jumping ship does not tell much about absolute quality on one aspect as sensor is. Fuji really makes good bodies with awesome functionality, and I can imagine myself jumping on fuji if they iproved even more. It´s just not enaugh for me at a time, and while my opinion is not smitten by any fact usable for me, I stay. The same as you go. It just is like it is....

Yes, very valid points. Everyone has their "pain points" which could drive them to consider a change. These could include any combination of weight/size, image quality/sensor, low light performance, UI and handling... and any number of other things. In my case, it was bulk and weight. IQ was also a factor, but not the primary driver. For each photographer, the level of investment they have in their current kit plus the level of frustration both will be big determinants as to how quickly they might switch and how big an improvement they need to see before making a move.

No matter how compelling a new system might be, moving there can be costly and difficult. Tough to manage, particularly if photography is a business, not a hobby. For that reason alone, no matter how compelling mirrorless might get, there will be a market for DSLRs for a long time. My belief, however, is that they will become increasingly niched.  I consider myself somewhat of an early adopter and the move suited my own needs well. Others will need better cameras, sensors, IQ and lower costs, etc. to justify such a transition, which just makes sense IMHO.

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