How much have micro 4/3 cameras improved for action shooting?

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Re: The problem with grabbing a frame from a video

Digital Dick wrote:

I hear a lot of people suggesting that you can get a good still image by just grabbing a frame from 4K video. That sounds good but you need to be aware that if the video is of a moving subject your grabbed frame will be an image that was shot at probably a lot lower shutter speed than you would normally have used to photograph the same moving subject with a still camera. For example if you shot the video at 24 frames per second, you probably has the shutter speed set at 1/50 sec. I don't know many people that would shoot a moving car or motor bike at 1/50 sec and be happy with the resulting blurred image.


Hi Dick, of course you are correct to an extent here as most filmic looks for video are 24p 1/48 But the story does not stop here. Shooting for photography and shooting for film are fundamentally different. Often a conscious decision is made when filming a movie to have more staccato feel to action sequences by increasing the shutter speed. In filming the 1/48 rule is regularly played with and with low budget indie type stuff there is no choice because to do so because these people lack the proper filtrarion to deal bright sun. For instance 4x4 NDIR filters, polarizers, and anything else can cost into the thousands very quickly. On the opposite side for interiors there is usually not enough light to grab exposure. For the look and feel of the action sequence the director or DP will often make this call. Currently the filmic look is in, but also remember that we often shoot for TV which is 1/60 at 30 fps and slow motion effects are common too. I don't remember for sure but a RED can do 300 fps at full 5k resolution or something lime that.

All that being said, If one has an intention going in of grabbing stills from video, no reason why not to fire away at a high shutter rate so the blur effect is elmininated. If we can grab a nice 4k frame from a high speed action sequence by using video we have another tool to help us achieve this goal. The gh4 is a great versatile tool that can help us achieve both our movie and stills vision.

Personally I am having a blast with this camera.

a la prochaine


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