DP2, DP2q and DP3M

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Re: DP2, DP2q and DP3M

PrebenR wrote:

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Johan Borg wrote:

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ChristianHass wrote:

Without knowing how each image was processed it's hard to draw any conclusions.

Yeah, and why is the DP2-image almost as big as the DP2Q one and a lot bigger than DP3M-Image?

Because the author tried to minimize the size difference by using half size from SPP for Merrill and Quattro.

However the "half sized" Merrill image is pretty much smaller than the half sized quattro image! It's taken from a greater distance. In the result he didn't minimize much ... the Merrill image is far to small.

Maybe the person has a dp2 and dp2q and a dp3m and not a dp2m?

Did you pay anyone doing a comparison?!!! Unless you did shut up and be happy with what you get or fork out and buy your own quattro and do your own comparisons.

People on this forum gets really nasty when they see comparisons.

You still seem enjoying the nasty people on here, don't you? Probably makes it easier to claim oneself as a good guy. ^^ Doesn't matter if he gets payed. Good will to make a comparision is fine, but sometimes does not help far. But back to topic: You're right, it's a DP3M and I might have been confused by reading DP2M in the description below the pic. Nevertheless he has chosen the wrong distance to get an equivalent image crop ...

If I should be happy to get at least that, sorry for being not.

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