First raw files from the DP2Q

Started Jun 29, 2014 | Discussions thread
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All in all i like what i see..

Thanks for the link.
After playing with the RAWs i must say, i'm satisfied.
(Not with SPP 6 (Mac), this is the worst software ever. SPP 5.5.3 feels like heaven in comparison.)
But the quattro RAWs seems to be cleaner, with more headroom to play.
Shadows don't get so much desaturated anymore like with the Merrills.
Dynamic range seems to be more or less comparable, i have the feeling there is more headroom in the shadows now and less in the highlights.
I guess this is because DP quattro is exposing longer as the DP Merrills in the same conditions.
Also very good:
-Chroma noise reduction seems not to boost the micro contrast anymore.
-Monochrome mode is cleaner. You can use the red channel without getting more noise.
In my opinion, it is still Foveon, but with more life than Merrill. A step back to the good old SD15.
Red color seems to be difficult still. Red flowers turn to pink. No improvement here i guess.

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