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Hornbrille wrote:

RitterRunkel wrote:

Yeah, and why is the DP2-image almost as big as the DP2Q one and a lot bigger than DP3M-Image?

Because that's not the point of the comparison. IMHO the author is comparing the skin tone rendering which was problematic with the older cameras. From what I've seen so far it is much better with the Quattro, but let's wait for the first beauty shots.

Might be. But 1. different sizes (why not presenting Merrill puppet in similar size?) will not help to judge color, since scale influences color of textures, 2. for this it is even more important to describe post processing and parameters (I can't read the asian description, but looks short).

Btw. color of dp2q looks nice here in the triple, but me myself wasn't impressed by color in the Quattros so far. I like saturated and lively images, most of the samples were rather over-natural and subdued (additionaly most samples were developed with chroma denoising and sucked in shadows even more, e.g. people without skin color, etc.). So I'd be curious if there is an color advantage due to 14 Bit & Co, especially since I wasn't able to see it yet.

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